Team Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

Team Manager

The Team Manager is the head coach and the leader of the team. The manager drafts the team, organizes practices, teaches the fundamentals of baseball, sets the lineup, coordinates team volunteers (assistant coaches, team parents, scorekeeper, etc.), and is the primary contact between the league and the team.

Assistant Coach

An Assistant Coach helps the Team Manager coach the team and performs any other duties assigned by the Team Manager.

Team Parent

The Team parents are the organizers for the teams. They are responsible for assisting the manager with team administration such as communication, scheduling, coordinating concession stand duty, managing team apparel orders, organizing end-of-game snacks, etc.

Event Committee Member

The event committee member works with the Event Coordinator and other committee members to help plan Opening Day/Parade, Picture Day, and the end of year Picnic.


The scorekeeper is responsible for keeping track of game scores, plays, the pitch count (number of pitches for a player) and other statistics as desired.

League Volunteer Roles

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