Instructional Division House Rules


The instructional league is the first level in the Clear Ridge Little League (CRLL). It is typically a two year program designed to teach the basic details and fundamentals of baseball. The league will follow Little League rules and is designed to teach the fundamentals of baseball and create a positive experience for all players. Listed below are the guidelines and rules specific to the league.


  1. Managers are responsible for the conduct of the team, coaches, parents, and spectators and should make all efforts to maintain control. This is instructional league that focuses on teaching players the fundamentals of the game. Everyone involved should encourage the players and motivate them to learn the game while having fun at the same time.
  2. Managers are required to attend all scheduled coaches’ meetings and clinics, or send a rep in their place. All coaches are encouraged to attend. 
  3. Managers are responsible for field maintenance and general cleanup of the field after the practice or game is over.
  4. All coaches must set the example for their team. Physical appearance, language, sportsmanship, and sobriety are critical areas of importance.


  1. Coaches will pitch to their own teams and serve as umpires for the season.
  2. Teams will play all players in the field defensively. Outfielders should play at least 10-feet beyond the infield.
  3. There must be a minimum of 8 players to play. There are no forfeits; players may be borrowed from the opposing team if necessary.
  4. Games will last 2 innings or 60 minutes, whichever comes first. No new inning will start after 60 minutes, No exceptions.
  5. There is no score keeping or outs, but in order to keep the game moving, there will be a 5-pitch limit per at bat. After 5 pitches if the ball has not been put in play, have kid hit off the tee.
  6. Once an inning starts both teams will have the opportunity to bat and play the field in that inning. 
  7. Each kid should be given an opportunity to play all positions with the exception of first base. Ideally the kids who can catch should play at first base.
  8. A continuous batting order will be used. All players will bat each inning. If possible, the same batting order should be used all year. Each game advances the order one position in the order which will give most kids chance to hit first, cleanup, last etc. This will also make it easier for the kids to know who they follow each game.
  9. When your team is on the field, 2 coaches are allowed on the field. Coaches are encouraged to give guidance to players on both teams in an effort to teach them the basic rules and skills of the game.
  10. A coach from the batting team will pitch to their own players. There is no walking a batter an no strike outs.
  11. The coach on the pitching mound is the umpire for fair/foul balls and plays in the field. We will not call kids out for balls put in play. Still encourage the defensive player to make the throw to first, tag the bag at 3rd, 2nd, etc.
  12. A coach from the batting team should be behind home plate as a backup to the catcher (if used). This is to speed up the game, move bats and tees out of the way. Etc.
  13. 5 pitch limit per batter. If a batter does not hit a ball in play within the 5 pitches a tee will be used. This rule should be followed closely so the games do not drag on and will allow all kids get a sufficient amount of at bats per game.
  14. Coach Pitch to the kids from 8-12 ft way. Some or most kids may need to be pitched to using underhand pitch. It is recommended to pitch to the kids from one knee, so the ball is starting eye level for the batter.
  15. Base distance is 60 ft. A double base will be used at first base with orange base to the outside.
  16. Players may attempt to slide at second, third, or home. Players may only slide feet first. There is no headfirst sliding allowed.
  17. No lead offs or stealing.
  18. The ball is live after it is hit into fair territory and shall remain live until it is fielded and thrown to first, the pitcher, or the coach who is pitching.
  19. Lead runners will advance one base each batter. Extra bases should not be taken.
  20. Players fielding infield ground ball should throw be encouraged to the the ball to a teammate at a base if force is available. Exception a fielder fielding his position who can field and quickly tag the bag should be encouraged to do so. We don’t want the shortstop fielding a ball and running the ball over to first base.
  21. The home team manager is responsible for field duty (chalking the field and setting up and taking out the bases)
  22. The league director will make the decision to play/cancel games based on weather. If there is lighting in the area, the game must be stopped immediately. League director will send out communication if games are cancelled.
  23. The league director will reschedule cancelled games and notify the coaches of the new date and time. Designated make-up dates will be annotated on the league schedule.


  1. Safety is always first.
  2. CRLL requires each manager keep a parent completed medical form for each child in his or her possession at all times.
  3. No on deck swinging. This includes behind the dugout fence. The only player holding a bat should be the batter. Please get each kids helmet and batting gloves (if they use) on prior to the at bat. Have them grab their bat when it is their turn to hit.
  4. No throwing the bat. Players should be taught to drop the bat before running to first base. 
  5. All batters will wear a batting helmet while both at bat and on base. Throwing of helmets is not permitted.
  6. Shoes with steel spikes are not allowed.
  7. No jewelry will be worn.
  8. Only league supplied baseballs are to be used for games. Do not allow any outside balls such as hard baseballs to be used. Managers and coaches must control the number of balls being thrown around during practice and games.
  9. Equipment bags are provided by the league for registered managers, coaches, and players only. The manager is responsible for the equipment bag and must return it and all equipment at the end of the season.
  10. First aid kits, ice packs, and a defibrillator are available at the concession stands.
  11. Any injuries should be reported to the safety officer and/or the division coordinator. An injury/incident tracking form should be filled out which can be downloaded from the league web site.
  12. No parents will be allowed on the filed during a game to instruct their child unless they are requested by the manager/coach and have competed the appropriate paperwork.

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