PWB Division House Rules

PDF Download: PWB House Rules


  1. Each player must play a minimum of 3 innings in the field in every game.
  2. Player minimums are waived in games where the slaughter rule is in effect and when the home team wins without batting in the bottom of the sixth inning.
  3. Any manager who violates player minimums will forfeit that game and that player will play the entire next scheduled game. The manager will be suspended the next scheduled game.
  4. When a player is removed from a game, the opposing manager must be notified.
  5. It will be the discretion of the manager to play a child who misses practice routinely without good reason. Proper procedures must be taken, and the division VP and Players Agent are to be notified in advance.
  6. It is the discretion of the manager to play a child who comes between the start of the game and end of the second inning. If the child does play, he will be added to the end of the batting order and bat according to the order. At the start of the third inning, the child will be considered absent and cannot play unless both managers are in agreement for the child to play.
    For situations and questions not addressed here, defer to Little League Rules.


    1. Establishing time limit prior to the start of the game and inform the umpire
    2. Managers must have knowledge of eligible pitchers and provide pitch count records upon request
    3. Conduct of the players in the dugout
    4. Conduct of coaches  
      1. Dugout may have up to four adults: two coaches, the Manager and a scorekeeper
      2. In the field there may be 1 coach in the infield and 1 coach in the outfield
    5. Conduct of parents/fans in stands
    6. Score sheets are completed and returned to the concession stand
    7. Introduce score keepers and pitch counters
    8. Field duties are completed by the Home Team
    9. Proper care and maintenance for equipment

    Duration of games

    1. Games are 6 innings long and no extra innings will be played. Ties count as half games.
    2. In inclement weather, 4 innings constitute a complete game, three and a half if the home team is winning.
    3. There will be a two-hour game limit on all games 
      1. A new inning cannot start one hour and forty-five minutes after the start time.
      2. Example: If the game starts at 1:00, a new inning cannot start after 2:45.
    4. Slaughter Rule for the regular season and playoff games
    1. 12 after 4 innings
    2. 10 after 5


    1. All teams will follow a continuous batting order.
    2. When bases are loaded, 4 balls will be needed for a walk.
    3. There will be a maximum of 5 runs per inning for all 6 innings during regular season games.
    4. If a player is taken out of the batting order (injured, emergency etc.), the manager must notify the opposing manager and scorekeeper.
    5. Each team is allowed to steal
      1. May steal second and third only
      2. May only steal one base at a time
      3. May not steal home base
      4. Unlimited bases per inning
    6. A base runner must maintain contact with the base until the ball is hit or a walk has occurred.
    7. Drop third strike is not enforced
    8. There shall be no advance of bases on overthrows except:
      1. A thrown ball enters the dugout
        1. Runner will advance one base
      2. Ball is thrown over or behind the fence on first, third base or backstop
        1. Runner will advance one base
    9. If a runner and fielder collide during a play, it will be the umpire's judgment and cannot be protested
    10. Effective January 1, 2018, Little League Baseball® adhered to the new USABat standard.
      1. All bats must be stamped with the new USA Baseball Mark.
      2. USA Bat approved bats are available in 2 1/4-, 2 1/2-, and 2 5/8- inch dimensions.
      3. See for additional information.


    1. Pitch count and required rest days:
      1. 50 pitch maximum per game which will require 3 calendar day rest
      2. 45 - 49 pitches will require 2 calendar days rest
      3. 35 - 44 pitches will require 1 calendar days rest
      4. 1 - 34 pitches require no rest
    2. A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the reminder of the day.
    3. Any catcher that has played the position of catcher in four or more innings in a game is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day.
    4. Final pitch counts revert back to first pitch of pitcher’s last batter
    5. Pitch count must be relayed to opposing team at the completion of each half inning
    6. It is the manager's responsibility to know the pitch count and communicate with the pitch counter frequently
    7. No limit to the number of pitchers used in a game
    8. The pitching mound will be set at 42' from the back of the plate
    9. The balk rule will not be enforced.
    10. Once a pitcher is removed from the mound, he may not return as pitcher.
    11. A manager must make a pitching change if he makes three visits to the mound to the same pitcher in a game.
    12. Violations of the pitcher maximum will result in forfeiture of that game.
    13. A pitching change must occur if a pitcher hits 3 batters in one inning or 5 in a game.


    1. Each team will field 10 players, which includes 4 outfielders. In the case a team has nine players present for the game, that team will use the nine players with 3 outfielders, but the other team will still use 10. 
    2. The infield fly rule will not be enforced.
    3. Dead Ball Rule: Play will be suspended, and the ball ruled dead when a throw from the outfield comes  within five feet of the infield or crosses the first or third base line. It is at the time the ball crosses the said boundary the ball is dead, not when a fielder takes possession. Runners on base will advance to the next base if the runner is more than halfway to the next base. The umpire's discretion will be used for the assessment of the ball and the placement of the runner.
    4. The bases will be set at 60'


    1. All teams make the playoffs.
    2. Standings
      1. Will be based on a point system of 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie
      2. Tiebreakers for any playoff position will be determined by the team’s head-to-head season record
      3. If head-to-head record is the same, a coin toss will be used.
    3. Changes to house rules from regular season for playoff games
      1. Pitching change for playoff games
        1. Players will not pitch more than 2 innings in a playoff game
        2. One pitch will count as an inning
      2. Maximum runs per inning change for playoff games
        1. 1st and 2nd inning will be a maximum of 5 runs per inning
        2. Innings 3 – 6 will be unlimited runs


     - 42’ From back of Plate to Mound
     - 60’ From Plate to Base
     - Dead Ball = 5’ beyond base line and foul lines

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