CoEd Instructional Coach Pitch Program

The Instruction program focuses on the fundamentals of baseball, and is designed to build a solid foundation for becoming a successful ballplayer. The program is available for both boys and girls age 5 & 6.

  • 60 Foot Diamond
  • Coach Pitch / Tee

Full list of house rules are available Here

  • Players will learn the basics of the hitting, throwing and fielding.
  • Players will learn the ready step, prepared to field the ball, learning what to do if the ball is hit to them.  
  • Players will learn how to be coached and to be a member of a team. 
  • Players will learn by practicing drills, throwing around the bases, hitting off the "tee", fielding ground balls and pop-ups. 
  • Players will learn to hit soft toss and coach pitch.
  • Players will develop hand-eye coordination and bat swing-techniques without the fear of being hit by a pitched ball.
  • Players will develop an awareness of fielding positions.
  • Players will develop throwing overhand with proper mechanics, building arm strength and accuracy.

All Instructional players will receive a jersey and hat as their uniform.

Practices: Determined by the Team Manager

Games: Sundays
Duration: 1 hour or 2 innings

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